Your Band on a Podcast Podcast is roughly five months old (August ’22) and it seems to be doing well. The listener base is growing and I’ve run across people paying it compliments. So far, we’ve featured local rocker Levi Clark that’s in several bands in Metairie and extremely active in the community. We also went to Kenner and did an episode with Michael O’Hara, founding member and front man for national touring band The Sheiks and BMI writer for artists like Patti Labelle and Donna Summer. Next we sat with John Autin, owner of Rabadash Records, at his Mandeville studio and learned what recording artists could expect from him as a studio and a label. I’ve truly enjoyed meeting with these people!

But now it’s time to branch out even further and explore not only artists from other parts of Louisiana, but other genres and music professions as well. That’s where you come in. I have launched a social campaign to reach out to our followers and see who would be interested in being on our show. There are some guidelines to follow so please read carefully. If you are a band, you MUST be from Louisiana. The sites namesake,, represents the hub. But we serve all Louisiana musicians ONLY. If you are a music industry professional, there are no geographic requirements. The way we see it, businesses in the industry are a resource to our artists and we want the two to get to know each other. So, without further adieu, and with a simple click of the button below, I’ll point you in the right direction. Podcast can be found on these platforms.