Music of America

Music of America is a podcast whose primary focus is on the undiscovered musicians of America. Tom Pollard, the show’s host, spent 10 years as a broadcaster in Missouri, Kansas and Colorado.  His first stint was hosting a late night talk show and Sunday morning guest show.  He has interviewed musicians all across the country and has been playing guitar since the age of fifteen. On his quest, he’s sought out musicians and supporting professionals in the industry, choosing five from each state for this show. The chosen are interviewed and given a chance to talk about their work. The resulting show gives the listener a glimpse into the artists’ lives and careers, with their music interspersed throughout the show. I was fortunate enough to be a guest on this show where Tom  and I discussed the work I’ve been doing with a website I created, Along with the mechanics of the site and what it does to promote Louisiana musicians, I was able to talk about three of our members. I was also able to submit tracks from them which were played in between talking points. I was elated at the opportunity to be a guest! This not only gave my site and its members more traffic and exposure. But it also allowed me to highlight these artists in particular, as well as talk about the personal experiences I’ve had with them while covering the Louisiana music scene.  I was able to give the backstories of The Ben Redwine Trio, Patrick Cooper, and MJ Dardar and play their music. Whether it be through my blog, my website, my podcast, my Youtube Channel, or future guest spots, I will continue to pass on all opportunities for exposure to my members. I hope you enjoy the interview!

Author: David Trahan

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