About NOM

Neworleansmusicians.com actually started as Neworleansbands.net circa early 2000‘s. It was built by local musician Daniel Carrone in an effort to coordinate and network local bands. It was constructed as a simple forum, using Jamroom software. It grew over time and came to play host to roughly 300 local bands. At its height Neworleansbands.net was seeing over 1.5 million hits a month, and even served as a point of contact for bandmembers displaced by hurricane Katrina. Through a series of negotiations, I came to own Neworleansbands.net. I completely redesigned it and brought the total number of domains leading to the site to 23, formed an LLC, and ultimately rebranded it as Neworleansmusicians.com. In its expansion I added a classifieds section, a show calendar, streaming music and videos, accommodations for industry professionals, and a line of merchandise. To further support the site and extend our reach, I started a YouTube channel, a podcast, a blog, and playlists on 9 platforms all under the same name.

I have made my services and assets freely available to all bands, music organizations, and charity organizations in our state. I interview artists and music business owners to gain perspective for all on their personal lives as well as their professional experiences. By forming human relationships with these people and presenting them to the world as such, I feel as though a deeper appreciation for them and what they do will result. And by creating a central locale for them to converge and do business, I feel they will effectively form THE source for music in Louisiana. The possibilities are endless.

David Trahan